About NorfolkNet

The Website
Norfolknet.com was created to fill the role of community web page and town bulletin board. It is run by a local couple who donate their time and energy to update the page and gather links and information.

The site is not run for profit - we're not selling anything, we don't sell subscriber lists. We just try to offer a source of information about the town, town events, and the world wide web, and provide a soapbox where town residents can make their voice heard without having to run their own website.

And we welcome your input! Our objective is (and has always been) for the site to eventually become a participatory community undertaking, with comments and notices contributed by readers. So if you have something to say, information to share, or even a for-sale notice, please don't hesitate to e-mail us!

Your Webmasters
We are a professional couple, he in software engineering, she in management. We live in town, have one kid, one graying black lab-shepherd mix dog, and six computers. Ok, some of them are utterly obsolete, but they work, and besides, it's the thought that counts. We enjoy running the page, and hope others find this information useful.


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