Norfolknet Page Hits

The hit counter on the main page counts visitors since 9/15/2006.

The blue bars are the number of page "hits" (page loads) that day.
Light blue subdivisions mark every increment of 500. The white gaps separate the months.
The chart is not updated in real time.

Peak traffic days:
10/20/20085104/35Missing KP Senior
12/9/20093739/27school override results
5/5/20093441/45elections 2009, swine flu
5/6/20093185/31elections 2009, swine flu
1/14/20093018/15"missing man" phone call
5/22/20082954/24Stony Road incident
10/21/20082909/38see 10/20
6/25/20082592/~20override vote results
1/14/20082534/14"missing man" phone call
5/7/20082505/222008 election results
5/6/20082711/222008 elections
5/2/200723322007 elections
9/16/20082271KP football player arrest
9/23/20072339/29water pipes, MON/CS tussle
5/1/200720522007 elections
8/21/20081798/19Globe article
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